My husband's computer stopped connecting to the hard drive and we thought all was lost. We were quoted at over $500 at the big box stores. The service at Mac Men Computer Repair was extremely kind, courteous and helpful. His MacBook Pro was restored to full-functioning level and NO data was lost. This repair took 10 minutes and was under $100. I have never been more impressed or satisfied by a computer repair company. Never going back to the big box stores, these guys are GREAT!!!

Julia Buck

I brought my computer in today in total panic. It wasn't working and I needed it for classes on Monday, they were extremely helpful and were able to repair my computer in a few hours! I have taken my computer here several times before and will never go anywhere else!

Melissa Baker

Mac Men diagnosed a problem that was not recognized by another establishment and they brought my Macbook Pro back to functional life for a very moderate cost. If your Mac is having a hardware problem, take it here.

John Rauk

The service is great and they understand when its an emergency and will help best they can. The price is fair and they take accountability for their work.

Randy Van Vorhees

Basically I had given up hope of repairing my MacBook Pro for a reasonable price. At an other place they estimated the repair of the motherboard 700$ (!!). When we went Mac Men Repairs I thought it almost too good to be true, but they took the laptop, found the issue with the motherboard and fixed it for 100$. Overall fantastic experience and if I ever have any other problems with Apple-stuff I'll definitely return!

Wilma Tien

Every time I had an issue with my phone, they took care of it and then some.

Ryder Second

Fast, affordable and good service.

John Turner

They were fast and friendly, my computer was fixed in one day. The apple store was going to charge me over 755$ to fix it. All I needed was a new screen and Mac Men fixed it for about 130$. They fixed the problem for over 600$ less.

Maxwell Jahn

Fast and excellent service at a reasonable price. I dropped my computer off at 10 am and it was ready at 1 pm, running better than ever. Thanks, Mac Men!

Ben Hassenger

Very fast and great service! I had an iPhone 6+ screen replaced and it seriously only took 15-20 minutes and it was like brand new. Will definitely be recommending these guys to my friends and family.

Veronica Demmer

I recently purchased a Macbook Pro from Mac Men and it is exactly what I wanted. Everything runs great and the price was incredible. They have excellent customer service as well. I highly recommend them!

Brette McAlister

Great customer service, great prices and nothing but great experiences!! MacMen get two thumbs up from me every single time!!

Jordan Robert

Thanks! My iPhone camera is better than ever.

Lisa Hamm

Those guys are really experts in repairing any phone or laptop laptop'screen got messed up and they fixed with warranty! .. highly recommended!


Fast friendly service
Good prices
Warranty on work
We will be back!

Kasey H.

This place went out of their way to help me out. Will definitely take my Mac there again if I have problems. Friendly and knowledgeable in both Mt. Pleasant and Lansing.

Dixie S.

MacMen updated my Mac battery, worked great. Dillan was very professional and helpful.

Ry S.

Great place to get your Mac fixed.

Troy B.

Price was the best I could find in the area, screen was replaced faster than I expected and it appears to have been done well!

Tyler B.

I had a problem with my work MacBook (wouldn't turn on), I took it over to the Apple store by NCG. I stood in line for awhile and after I finally talked to someone they told me it would be 30 or more minutes before a tech could look at it, and if he couldn't fix it we would go over "options" most likely resulting in them sending it out... I don't have time for all that. I walked into Mac Men, told them my problem, was out in 5 mins and had a call from them later in the day saying what the cost would be if I wanted them to fix it and by the end of the day it was fixed. Great service.

Cody C.

Fast. Cheap. Great service.

Dan W.

These guys are amazing quick and very well priced. Anything you need from phones screens to MacBooks. I have been there for repairs 3x on three separate items and love the price and service. Highly recommend!!!

Connie F.

Great fast service. Constant contact. They saved me 400 dollars and my laptop by replacing a keyboard. Thank you! I would certainly return for service and recommend you try them too!

Stephen D.

The glass screen on my iPhone 6 Plus shattered last night, after it fell out of my pocket on a walk with my dog. I took my phone to these guys on my lunch break the next day, and I walked out of their store with a brand new screen 10 MINUTES LATER! I couldn't believe it! These guys are prompt when responding to messsges through their website, very welcoming and courteous in their store, and provide excellent work at great prices! You will not be disappointed with them. I can't recommend thrm enough.

Broc R.

All the positive reviews are spot on. Yesterday Apple told my daughter it would be over $450 to repair her MacBook (dead monitor). She brought it in today and within an hour Mac Men diagnosed the problem and quoted $137 to repair some corroded components. Fixed the same day. They rock!

Jeff G.

I was an Australian student studying abroad in East Lansing and I had caught a virus on my Macbook. I was so worried about my Mac. I did a quick Google search and found Mac Men. Their online reviews were great and they didn't seem dodgy. Mac Men had a look at it and I had my Mac back after 5 minutes due to the low impact of the viral effect. Staff and service was excellent. Thanks heaps you guys!

Khaliah M.

Impressed. It took them 10 minutes to replace the screen on my iPhone. Very professional and the cheapest price I could find online.


When my iPhone 6's lightening charger port stopped working, I called Mac Men for a quote. I was given a great rate - significantly better than what other local repair shops charged - and decided to bring my device in the same day.

Instead of immediately telling me to replace one part or another, Mac Men inspected my iPhone and tried several quick fixes. One worked and my problem was resolved at no cost. I was very impressed by the honesty shown by Mac Men, considering I had requested a certain service; they could easily have taken advantage of my technological ineptitude but opted instead for a simple and professional resolution.

I'll definitely take my iPhone and other devices here in the future, given the courtesy I was shown as well as what seem to be competitive rates.

Ryan J.

I have had my phone screen replaced twice with these guys (I am really hard on phones) and both times the experience has been incredible. They are quick, they'll let you know exactly when you can expect to have your device back and they tell you exactly how much it's going to cost to fix it before they take it from you. I would absolutely recommend giving these guys your business.

Kate K.

Repaired my iPhone 6 screen in record time. Works perfectly. Also repaired the damage to the actual phone edge where I dropped it on the cement. These guys are awesome, professional and they care. Highly recommend.

Cassandra T.

Wow. Let me just start with how wonderfully friendly the customer service was. I had my one year old son with me and even his baby babbling and yelling did not stop Joe from repairing my iPhone in like ten minutes! I will send everyone and anyone i know to these guys . My phone looks like brand new ! Such nice quality and so affordable nearly half the cost of any competing iPhone repair quote that i have seen. Thank you so much.

Jessica S.

They are amazing. They apologized for taking an hour.. I wasn't mad at all. That's still way faster than anywhere around, plus the price was amazing. Really glad I went here

Ethan P.

MacMen are our go to for all things Mac, especially our MacBooks and iPhones.

Erich D.

Used these guys 3 times already. First time I had my phone screen replaced and they got it done faster and cheaper than the genius or Icare place.

The second time I had my laptop screen broken and everyone else was saying it would take $400-$800 to fix. Brought it in to them and they fixed it for under $125 and got it done in one day.

Third time I had my hard drive not connecting and couldn't get the computer to start up. Again took it to other places and they wanted to charge me minimum $250 or more and send it away to their headquarters for weeks. So I took it here and they said it would be maybe $45 and did it in 5 minutes while I waited.

Don't go anywhere else! These guys are the best!

Grant B.

Replaced my iPhone battery in ten minutes for $45. My two year old phone is like new.

Dennis S.

Wonderful experience. My granddaughter's mac airbook froze up and it was final's week at her university of with assignments locked up in her computer. They repaired it in less than a hour at a very reasonable charge. I have been praising them to all my friends who have mac's that they are the "go to" business for mac repairs. Professional. Friendly. Quick.

Cindy D.

I picked up my desktop PC yesterday, my i core 7 was still in my computer. This place is great. Price was reasonable. Free diagnosis was awesome. I would like to recommend everyone here.


Wonderful! We walked in and were out within 15 minutes. I had my screen and LCD fixed on my iPhone 6. These guys were far cheaper than anyone else. Their waiting area was really nice and plush. Seriously, these guys will get our business any time we need something fixed!

Christina L.

They were awesome! They had my laptop fixed ahead of schedule! Thank you MACMEN!!

Victoria H.

Fast and friendly service, great employees as well as great customer satisfaction! Highly recommend you check Mac Men for any of your computer/phone repair needs!

Joel C.

Excellent and fast /reasonable Iphone repair /no hassle

Lynn W.

These guys are legit! They saved my life during an unfortunate iPhone accident in a matter of 15 minutes! I told them I needed it fixed fast because I'm in the thick of wedding planning/meetings etc, and they hooked me up! They are super personable, professional, affordable and I'm going to recommend everyone to see them if they have troubles with their phones/computers! Thanks MacMen y'all are the best!!!

Analise S.

Best service, wouldn't go anywhere else, they are the best service around, I recommend anyone who has any problems with their Apple devices regarding broken screens to go there they are the best at what they do!

Alex J.

I spilled liquid on my Macbook Air and was pretty sure all hope was lost when it wouldn't turn on. I took it to the Apple Store where they got the computer on but then discovered the keyboard would not work. They told me it would be $700 to repair. I took it to Mac Men Repair on a friday and got it back on the following Monday. For only $120 they replaced the keyboard. Lifesavers!! Hopefully I don't have to come back but if I ever need another repair I will be back.


Had a new hard drive put in my 2010 MacBook Pro and my Mac works like I first got it. Very quick and affordable! Would do business with again and I'm going to refer all my friends here!

Alex P.

My phone was fixed in under 15 minutes.

Jave'on D.

What an excellent experience! The Mac Men techs repaired my MacBook pro's damaged screen, the estimate was exactly what they charged, the work was done within the time they quoted, and they even took the time to explain to me what upgrades I could do to my MacBook if I decided to move to El Capitan. Will be doing business with them again!

Smudge Animation

Have gone here twice for my computer. Once when I spilled water on my keyboard. Apple store told me it would cost $700 and a few weeks. Mac men did it for $100 and the same day. They also fixed my phone screen for a very reasonable price and same day. No one better in town!

Alexa M.

These guys are great with all Apple products. I have a 10 year old MacBook and they have help me keep it alive for minimal costs.

Kristen F.

Great price and they have a lot of knowledge.

Jeremy H.

The price is the cheapest in Lansing. Also very great service I've used them twice.

Tymila T.

Great business with great people. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to get their phone fixed at a reasonable price.

Konok B.

Go here.

Went to Mac Men and was seen immediately. They took my laptop in and had it repaired later that day for a fraction of the price of the Apple Store. Something else went wrong with it later and they fixed it for free just because they didn't catch it when they had it in the store. I will be taking my stuff here in the future if I need mac repairs.

Kirk M.

I have had these folks work on my MacBook twice. I have an older MacBook that has seen some wear. Both times, they took care of the problems extremely fast (same day), nailed the problems, and hundreds of dollars cheaper than others. I will go nowhere else. 100% recommend!

Kellie G.

I went to the Apple store and they charged me $1200 dollars after jerking me around for 3 days about corrosion and a broken hard drive and quoting me originally at 200. I called the Mac Men about this, and they fixed the corrosion and replaced the hard drive for 150 dollars. So if you like good customer service and a quick fix I would give these guys a chance any day!

Cam R.